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Fritterz crakers are 100% baked not fried to give you wholesome wheat and a delightfully crisp texture, with no added preservatives, soak in the true flavours and crunch of the baked goodness that comes with every bite a guilt-free snack. Our tasty Wheat crakers are a perfect snack anytime. From Health to taste, we've got you covered for every craving of you. This ready-to-eat snack can be carried on the go for hunger pangs anytime.


E-commerce snacking company

Tools used

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My Experience👨‍💻

A startup especially in its early stages, can't afford to hire any consultants or specialists to help make their vision become a reality. That's why I need to be as a jack of all trades 🃏.

They need to be good at wearing several hats🎩 and solving a lot of different problems, When I compared myself working for a company with Building an startup it was 10X times or more difficultly, I became a so much responsible about things and stopped procrastinating works and I got a lot of management skills from my this startup.

My Responsibilities & Contribution‍👨‍🔧

My Vision started with doing research about FMCG sector, competitor analysis, Healthy snacking for everyone, understanding about the national food safety laws and legal requirements.

Designed the Box packages by following iterative design process at each iteration, I created package design, tested and modified the designs quickly, until we got satisfied with package designs.

Continuous discussions with cargo makers and proper controls at all stages of production starting from raw material procurement to the final dispatch of the cargo.

created marketing library, managing social media accounts, understanding day to day Insights, social media trends and posting on various social media platforms with curated descriptions and hashtags.

Developed website using WIX and making sure website works appropriately with best ordering experince for every customer

Created differnt style of mockups and did photoshoot for the products for marketing purpose

Managing delivery partners and tracking orders and making sure that customer had received package correctly without any damage of the order

Performed qualitative research with customers by taking feedback regarding food taste, Box package experience, Bitcoin offer that we had provided etc.