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SolPandas is a collection of 9999 randomly generated PandaNFTs on the Solana blockchain. The 9999 SolPandas together form a SolPanda Club in the middle of wet Bamboo forest. Our SolPandas are lazy, funny and little crazy too. SolPandas are known for eating bamboo and creating funny memes. Beware our SolPandas are into KungFu.



Tools used

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My Experience👨‍💻

Though it was just a single-page website, the research and work behind the designs were vast, the client specifically asked me that website should give a look and feel like a Bamboo wet forest because these are Panda NFTs.

My Responsibilities & Contribution‍👨‍🔧

Initially, it had started as Penguin NFTs even I designed a logo for it, but due to some naming Issues later it got turned into 'Solpandas' and again it had changed to 'Perky Pandas' I'd given endless revisions for clients never felt frustrated for these number of changes.

Managed the developer to get the website done as per UX and made him change the design whenever I got any new Instructions from a client.

Whenever developer unavailable for making changes in the code, I digged into the code to make changes and get that done as soon as possible.

As the client stays in the USA, I'm supposed to adjust my timings to overlap with their timings for the project details discussion sometimes our discussions got extended till late at night.

Managing deploys and hosting a website in Netlify and maintaining different versions of the website whenever I commit a newer version.

For all my efforts for the project, my client had gifted a Perky Panda club NFT as a token of gratitude.