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DRIFE TAXI 3.0 is a unique decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain. DRIFE will empower both, drivers and passengers.


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Non-Disclosure Agreement📄

As my work is under strict 🔒NDA Agreement 📄, I’m not liable to share much more details of my work publicly. Please reach out me for more details. Please reach out me for more details.

But I’m liable to share my Responsibilities and contribution of my work those details that I’ve shared below

My Experience👨‍💻

Due to COVID-19, I was supposed to start my work remotely. As a sole Designer Initially, I found it was a little challenging to collaborate with my team as it was remote work, meetings with other teammates on everyday calls helped me to sync up with them within a few days, I started working with them together.

My Responsibilities & Contribution‍👨‍🔧

As DRIFE was a startup company, I was continuously ideating for Product features, Visual designs, Prototyping, Mockups, etc., Always I've strived to Increase product Value & Business.

As a sole UX designer for both Rider and Driver applications, I was supposed to collaborate with developers and other stakeholders for various UX Design process.

In the Initial version of application, there are quite some features were missing also there are lot of UX errors, as a UX designer responsibility I found and fixed them also improved the Interaction design for both the rider and driver applications.

In addition to this I'm also designed Live Tracking system for Drife Drivers and involved in maintaining & improving Admin screens and Internal Design system for which I collaborate with developers and come up with solutions that are scalable and customisable.