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Techolution is a global business technology consultancy headquartered in New York City with offices in India, Singapore, Indonesia and Mauritius. As a UX designer at Techolution got the chance to work for International clients, we built and transformed their business digitally, whether they were at the beginning or further along their digital transformation journey.


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Non-Disclosure Agreement📄

As my work is under strict 🔒NDA Agreement 📄, I’m not liable to share much more details of my work publicly. Please reach out me for more details.

But I’m liable to share my Responsibilities and contribution of my work those details that I’ve shared below

My Experience👨‍💻

The most positive part about Techolution is culture and environment is the friendly atmosphere. My overall experience at the company has been fantastic. I've been able to grow professionally and personally and have developed meaningful friendships with my Managers and Colleagues. It had been an amazing work experience! at Techolution

My Responsibilities & Contribution‍👨‍🔧

My role is to understand our client needs and cater to their specific needs through Researching, Wireframing, designing, prototyping and user testing before shipping the product to our engineers. I am also helping to build a design system within the company to meet up with teams from around the world.

Improved UX designs, making use of more widely-known UX patterns to produce smoother user flow between core functions of the application in the order they’re most often utilized.

Created a Design library system for the projects to make a reusable collection of styles and components and shared with fellow designers to optimise time and effort for designing and also for the Developers for software development.

collaborating with development team and also analyzing user feedbacks and activity, and iterating to enhance the better user experience.